I'm very excited that you chose to visit my website! My name is LaShawn Reed-Kendricks and I am the CEO of Essentials 4 Success and Founder of Success Her Way.  After many years of working in entrepreneurial support organizations, I decided to embrace my passion for supporting women entrepreneurs by helping you build a solid business foundation, increase your income and use your business to create the life you've always desired to have. 

I founded Success Her Way to promote self-empowerment for women. I recognized the importance of having a circle of powerful women encouraging you when you need it most. I understand the hardest part of stepping out on faith and transitioning into something new is coming to the realization that you must take a chance on YOU.  Success Her Way is a nonprofit organization dedicated to providing a platform to connect, educate and elevate emerging women business leaders and aspiring entrepreneurs.

"You must take a chance on YOU." - LaShawn

Although I went away to college straight after high school, my educational path was somewhat untraditional. I returned home after partying out the end of my first year. It wasn’t until my third daughter was born that I decided I wanted to go back to school. I began my journey at Indiana Wesleyan University in 2008 and received my Associates in Business in 2010. I then completed my Bachelors in Business Management in 2012. I transferred to Ursuline College in 2013 and completed my Masters of Business Administration program in 2015. I’ve worked in the higher education industry, insurance, banking and for the last several years of my career I’ve been in the nonprofit sector helping small business owners connect to resources that will help their businesses thrive.       

As a child, my mother and father instilled the values of hard work in me. My mother would always say to me “if you’re willing to put in the work, the payoff will always come.”  I stay motivated by recognizing that my talents are a gift from God so I share them abundantly with women all over the world. I am best known for my connectivity capabilities. I have a way of assessing where a person is and helping them connect to people or resources that will give them the solution to their problem.

I am married to my wonderful husband Chris and we are the parents of three beautiful daughters; Dakotah, Montana and Sydni. I enjoy traveling with my family, volunteering and reading motivational books.  My favorite quote is “there is no greater gift you can give or receive than to honor your calling. It is why you were born and how you become most truly alive.” –Oprah Winfrey  


"I have always had a passion for baking. That passion led me to create Dsha’s Divine Desserts. I had the baking portion of my business down to a science.  But at the year mark I realized that I needed to develop the business end as well. I attempted to educate myself on the ends and outs of operating a business but it soon became overwhelming. I did a few vendor events with LaShawn and learned of her company Essentials 4 Success. At first I must admit I was apprehensive because I had only been in business a little over a year and to be honest I questioned my passion. After a few conversations with LaShawn I decided to try out the coaching services. LaShawn was very open and honest with her suggestions and she challenged me to work towards expanding my passion. She provided the necessary tools to get me started. Our sessions were more like conversations as opposed to me just listening. I was able to bounce ideas off of LaShawn and in turn I received the much needed feedback and reassurance that I could in fact do this.  This was one of the greatest investments that I have made in my business thus far. I have a plan in place thanks to Essentials 4 Success and I am ready to implement it! If you are looking to grow your business or stuck like I was trying to determine the next steps I would definitely recommend Essentials 4 Success."